She adds a blue pill to his other pills.

And watches, as he rides away to nightfall:

a rigid figure devoid of will.

He had spoken of kind and fickleness

and she had listened as others disagreed

about the quality of sheathed meat,

and the picking of right partners – a lot.


She knew with help from a lighted candle

that she could make all her relationships

absolutely fine, absolutely fine.

Because alchemy had always turned base

into gold in a sin-grinding motion.

On a dump, a million flies can't be wrong:

they're busy buzzing choruses of being

absolutely fine, absolutely fine.


Only when the magnificent white horse

lying by the railway line leaps up

and gallops will the last track end in light.

Fine, fine – but the last passenger will be first

only if distant wayfarers descend

to the better heights amongst the ruins.

As Elena found to her cost – a lot.

lena Does the Lottery

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