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and Thou

I look at you and there you are:

unique in your ability to be you.

And when we speak there is dialogue.

Real dialogue: without why, but and can't.

You don't manipulate me by judging,

by withdrawing, blackmailing, gossiping.

You don't hold a rule up and measure me

against the primacy of numbers.


Instead, you tell me who you are,

and listen to who I am.  We don't try,

or aim to talk to each other properly.

We simply speak and engage in the process

of flowing rhythms of sound at each other.

Entering each other's inner coves and caves,

where waves echo, vibrate their soak-deep strokes.

A sharing, floating intimacy.


And because of you, I'm able to be me:

my uniqueness reflects in your eyes.

Without you, I wouldn't see myself

shining out, signalling from sheltered moorings.

Your blinking beams guiding me to swim assured.

The mutual happenings of our shared expressions

transforming siren calls from treacherous rocks

to soundings of delight-splashed surprise.


Our relationship means I found myself

tucked away in the safe home of your soft address.

As I glow before you, I recognize

how we exist in one another:

myself within you, you within me.

I look at thou - and there we are,

as thee looks at me - and there we are.

Separate and mingled and unique.


A single pair: simply becoming ourselves.


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