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Watch out:
the If is about.
What if
the If
stole a watch
out and about?
If the If
stole about
and watched
an About
snatch the time,
would the If
think it was
about time?
Or would the If
watch out
that it took
time out
without taking
- stolen moments?
A sense of rubato
rubbed off
on a metronome,
as it ticked off
the If
for failing
to keep strict time.
An About
had taken too many
rhythmic liberties,
along with the watch,
and so, fell out
of a timely silence
only taking
a second
- or two.
the If
was out and about,
in white space,
if at all,
it’s time that the If asked
an About
about the missing watch.
Moments ago,
around about then,
the If stole
your time
- and mine.
Moments later,
an About wandered about
and wondered
if it was too late
to watch.
And is waiting,
about now,
to see
     If . . .
Watch out.

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