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ransitive Tableau

The woman sitting in an open car

and looking backwards glides past, bemused.

The bystander has a rose for Emily,

but she has been touched in another way:

become oh, so consumed by it all.

She had been well aware of the traffic

of women in built-up areas,

and had found all the commotion alarming

and devoid of decorum.

                                  Whence the day

when ladies floated through front parlours

in black, shiny horse-drawn coaches, large hats

and emerald period dress, whilst engaged

in conversation animated if hushed?

But a remembrance of better days

and the effects of tight lacing meant

that the gift of gesture was not to be bestowed.

Rather, an aloofness and a turned cheek

and a rose left de-petalled and jilted

by the woman sitting in an open car

                                                     and looking backwards.

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