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For one so young, a prayer indeed,

For those who love, for those who need.

Sweet comfort take, a fervent plead,

That peace be found in solemn deed.

When morning dawns, a soft aside,

Take comfort that there's no divide.

In life's swift flight of turning tide,

Her light, her warmth, her beam so wide.

May all remembrance be in joy,

Of one: a pleasant, true envoy.

Her easy brightness did employ,

Calm streams of light, a safe deploy.

Be thankful for the gift of dawn,

Be not too sad, nor too forlorn,

For she would wish us, as we mourn,

That life's to live and be re-born.

So take true comfort in your prayers,

That all our sorrows, all despairs,

Be handed over, all who dares,

To her, whose shine helps lift our cares.

Thanks be to her: a radiant life,

Like all of us, she knew of strife.

But gentle spirit, ever rife,

Let's celebrate eternal life.

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awn: An Elegy