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So, he meticulously

picked up every sesame seed

that had fallen off his bread,

and placed them carefully

in a straight line on the table.

"I had seen. I watched him fight back

tears, flinch and pull our his hair,"

she said of him, not able

to read the alarms displayed.

She couldn't see the damage,

the people under the rubble,

a father under an air-raid;

or that a cloud of bleak ash

had settled on that day - penetrated.

So, he meticulously,

later, picked up a primed package

that he daren't let fall from his hand,

and placed it carefully

on a straight line in a tube.

So, she vomited every day after

for three months in her tunnel,

ever so careful to pick up

the underground stains and fallout.

So, she was left alarmed and disturbed,

primed from now on to wonder

about the rubble and scattered seeds,

and the straight line of violence that

had settled on that day - penetrated. 

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